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Registration Deadlines & Sports Start Dates

  • First Official Day of Practice: July 25th, 2016 (Football); August 15th, 2016 (All other sports)
  • Fall 2016 Sports Registration Deadline - Sept. 22, 2016

Athletic Clearance Information

This process is a requirement to participate in any interscholastic athletic activity. Note that attendance of a clearance date is not necessary to participate in athletics. It is against SRCS and NCS/CIF policy, however, for a student athlete to participate in athletics without successful clearance through this process. Therefore, if your student cannot attend a clearance date, they must see an Athletic Director for clearance before they are allowed to participate in any official athletic practices or contests.


Please note that Athletic Packets must be received by the Athletic Directors by 4pm on the Final Registration Date. After this date and time, the PHS Athletic Department will no longer accept any new student-athletes.


The entire Athletic Packet and Medical Clearance must be completed only once per school year. The Medical Clearance must be dated on or after June 1st for the upcoming school year. Students who participated in either a Fall or Winter Sport this year do not need to complete another Athletic Clearance Packet. However, they will need to have their GPA and credits checked before they start practicing.


Download the Clearance and Concussion Screening Information sheet.


Fall Sports Clearance Dates (All Clearances will be in the Performing Arts Center (PAC)):

  • July 23rd (Football Only) 9am-10am
  • Aug. 6th (Fall Sports) 9am-10am
  • Aug. 13th (Fall Sports) 9am-10am


Athletic Clearance Packet (English)
Please note that Athletic packets from prior school years cannot be accepted due to several rule/regulation changes for the next school year. Packets should be completed prior to the Athletic Clearance Dates, included in the packet, so that missed practice time is avoided.

Paquete de Documentos para Autorizar la Participacion en Deportes

Concussion Screening

Santa Rosa City Schools, North Coast Section, and California AB 2127, require that student-athletes complete a baseline concussion screening program prior to participation in any practices or competitions within their sport activity. This screening requires both a computerized baseline testing, along with an educational seminar on concussion signs and symptoms. Both portions must be completed before a student is cleared to participate in any athletic event. Total estimated time of the screening is 2 hours. Piner High School offers these screenings at no cost to families. The Athletic Department has scheduled several dates for these screenings in order to accommodate the needs of students and their families.


Concussion screening dates (all dates in the PAC except where noted*):

Football Screenings:

  • July 22nd 3pm
  • July 23rd 10am

All Fall Sports Screenings: Volleyball, Football, Women’s Soccer, Cheer

  • Aug. 6th 10am (in the PAC)
  • Aug. 13th 10am (in the PAC)
  • Aug. 24th 2:30pm (Location TBD)
  • Sept. 1st 2:30pm (Location TBD)

You can watch the following YouTube videos to learn more:



(click sport name for schedule)
Head Coach JV Coach Notes
Cross Country Luis J. Rosales Melanie Rosales Piner Cross Country website
Football (Frosh)
Tom Harris   Piner Football website
Golf (Girls) Richard Gregus    
Soccer (Girls) Barry Comerford Mark Hayes  
Tennis (Girls) Ed Weber    
Volleyball Mark Tamanaha    
Basketball (Boys) Mike Erickson Scott Shirlock.
Freshman Coach = Will Steele
Basketball (Girls) Vixay Chantha Natasha Thiele  
Wrestling Zach Dumas    
Badminton Ed Weber N/A  
Baseball Nick Green    
Golf (Boys) Rich Gregus    
Soccer (Boys) TBD Sean Sutherland  
Softball Darren Kille    
Swimming Elizabeth Thiele    
Tennis (Boys) TBD    
Track Luis Rosales Melanie Rosales Piner Cross Country website

NCS Website

Provides valuable information for North Coast Coaches - Alignment, Rulings, Coaching Education

CIF Website

California State site - complete state schedules, rulings, governance, etc.


For more information, contact Athletic Director(s): Trish Delzell


General Athletic Information

California school districts are required to post data regarding sports participation by gender as part of a new Title IX reporting requirement enacted by Senate Bill (SB) 1349. Here is the data for the 2015-16 School Year.